Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Last show at The Ohio

I just finished work on my first show at The Ohio Theater...which was also their last show ever...
It was great fun, albeit bittersweet. I got to turn the 6 columns into giant gas flames and then lava-lamps for the party!
They are going to be continuing at my home base, 3LD, under the banner 'Ohio Interrupted' so all is not lost!
Here are a couple of photos (thanks Piama!) of the closing party and the empty space. I could promise to post some video but we all know that's not going to happen, right?

Oh and here's a review of the show & after party. They were actually feathers but whatever...!

In the final moments of the piece, six projectors projected images of ash or torn paper falling down the six columns that so define the stage at the Ohio. It was a brief but beautiful and sad image that spoke to the mood in the room."


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